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Parade Magazine:

Cover Story: Tiny Houses are Big

Houses That Help: Veterans Build Tiny Houses for Homeless Vets

Remembering My Dad on Father's Day

Sunday With: Nancy Pickard

7 Things I Want You to Know About My Son and Suicide

Opening Day 2017: The Impossible Can Happen On This Field of Dreams

The Washington Post women's blog She the People

Grandma Gatewood survived domestic violence to walk the Appalachian Trail alone at 67

Hero's welcome for a Kansas soldier

Kelsey Smith Act would save lives, cost taxpayers nothing

Should parents be held liable for rapes at teen parties?

Petition on White House site supports bill to save Postal Service

Claire McCaskill legitimately shuts down Todd Akin in Missouri Senate race

Sarah Palin, Mama grizzlies united

Kitty Wells, queen of country music, broke ground for female singers

Auction of Jacqueline Kennedy's Letters Invasion of Privacy

Medical and health:

Top Sexual Health Symptoms for Women

Mom's Secret Remedies

How to Beat Food Cravings

Putting the resident first


How to Live With Your Boomerang Kids

Why Can’t Love Keep Us Together?

Free Family Fun!

Updated Monopoly, Life and other board games put to test

No More Manic Mornings

Thank-Yous Teachers Will Love

20 Sneaky Ways to Save

Organizing and decluttering:

18 Things You Can Get Rid of Today

How to Get Rid of Almost Anything

Spring Fling!


In small towns with local investment, print journalism is thriving

Jury recommends death penalty for white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller

Navajo woman walks from Ariz. to D.C. to spotlight her missing aunt, other victims

Book projects:

Duke Encyclopedia of New Medicine

Don't Throw It Out: Recycle, Renew and Reuse to Make Things Last

Video script:

Polar Temp